Online talks and where we go from here

Last Sunday’s talk on communicative tasks with teenage learners went well, I thought. There were about 30 participants so a decent crowd for a Sunday night! Online talks are a bit of an odd experience because as a speaker you are sat there looking at your screen and talking through the slides. It is very hard to gauge audience reactions, which can help with nerves but also means you don’t know if everyone has zoned out or not! Online events are not going away any time soon and I think that is a positive development. I know many would prefer face-to-face conferences and gatherings but time and cost considerations mean these are difficult for many. It appears that F2F conferences are starting to offer more hybrid options, which can lead to the best of both worlds. Those with research funds can travel to the venue and participate in person, while those who would not usually get the chance to go can attend several talks online. It spreads knowledge to people and places that may not typically get full access and isn’t that ultimately what academia is all about? Isn’t it?

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